Daily Pixel Art Competition

CryptoPIX is a game focussing on creating pixel art together. Every day new creations can be made to win a decentralized voting round!

Collaborate to create art or make a statement. All contributors of winning submissions receive a pro rata share of the won tokens, which can be sold for real money or used to paint faster in the game.

Beta launch

On the first of November the beta version of CryptoPIX has been launched. We are very grateful for the community that has been trying out the game since the launch. The feedback we got from the early users have been very useful as it helped us pointing out the most important improvements in order to make the game more user-friendly. The first submissions are made and first winners received their PXS rewards!

PXS Early Adopter Program & Whitepaper

The Early Adopter Program has ended. During the PXS Early Adopter Program 37,500,000 PXS tokens have been sold in exchange for EOS. The tokens are divided over all participants on a specific day, based on the amount EOS they have put in.

The whitepaper contains more deailed information about the game and token distribution.

The team & story

CryptoPIX is one of the world’s first games to be built using blockchain technology. People are misunderstanding the network by only speculating at online markets, the real point of making a decentralized world is for people to be able to create beautiful everlasting art together.

Innovative solutions need a well balanced team consisting of technology and business related people. With this principle in mind CryptoPIX was built in collaboration with Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) and YX Impact Innovations.

Extensive research has been performed to explore the potential of decentralised games, resulting in the publication of a thesis on July 29th 2018 and a working prototype of the CryptoPIX application. Because the game has the potential to become one of most popular decentralised games in the world, the team decided to continue the development. In order to bring the game to the next level the team needs more development capacity and marketing power, requiring funds that will be raised via the PXS Early Adopter Program.

Exclusive PXS airdrop


All Pixel Master (PM) pixel owners got a pro rata share of 50% of the initial PXS-supply.

8 Oct  – We made a snapshot (10:01:09 UTC) of all EOS accounts with PM pixels.

11 Oct – AIRDROP: All PM pixel owners got their pro rata share in PXS tokens. This share based on the value of their visible pixels.

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